We have the best tutors for every student’s particular needs. Our tutors can meet you at the privacy of your home, or in a public community library or even a coffee shop (Toronto, Mississauga & GTA)! Share with us your specific requirements, and we will try our very best to meet them.

Our Private Tutorial sessions are designed to meet specific, personal needs of individuals who want to improve their target skills in intimate, interactive setting. Both tutors and students agree on discussed learning goals and strategies to achieve success. They also both agree on the length, learning style and evaluation tools to reach desired objectives. The tutor may suggest study materials, but students may also bring or purchase their own preferred texts. A minimum of two class hours each session is suggested.

We aim to use the latest study materials relevant to Canadian education as our guide in choosing lessons, worksheets and activities in our Private Tutorials.

Key Benefits:
- Individual attention to student's problems/ weaknesses in the target skills
- Friendly, trained tutors available to help meet the student’s specific goals
- Individualized curriculum design
- Interactive, communicative tutoring/ learning method

Who are the tutors? ESLplus has a diverse list of tutors you can choose from: high school honor students, university students with exemplary grade point average, foreign-trained teachers and Canadian certified teachers. Tutoring fees vary according to the tutor's experience and qualifications.
Where does the private tutoring take place? Our tutors are willing to tutor at your home, or to meet their clients in public places such as community libraries, university study rooms, parks, or even coffee shops. Just specify your preferred place and we will find the right tutor for your needs.

When does the private tutoring take place? Because we have a network of private tutors, you can specify your preferred time, days and frequency of the tutoring sessions. We will recommend a tutor that meets your requirements.

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